Canciones romanticas para estudiar

Soft romantic music

Beautiful songs that will move you and make you want to get a little closer. These romantic songs are ideal for any special moment of the big day, such as the first kiss of marriage, the cutting of the cake… But also after the big day, in any special moment or just because. But also after the big day, at any special moment or just because, because love songs are always just perfect!

Do you want to relive the great love stories of cinema? Surely you will share more than one smile recovering these love songs from the movies of a lifetime. They’ll please everyone equally… and not just the youngest guests! They are all romantic movie songs in English.

Songs to listen to

Unchained Melody’, Righteous Brothers’Unchained Melody’ was composed by Alex North and was first published in 1955. It was so successful that it became one of the most covered songs of the 20th century. Although it is difficult to choose one of the 500 versions that have been recorded, the one we have selected is that of the Righteous Brothers, from 1965. A few decades later, in 1990, it was part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Ghost’, where it set one of the most romantic scenes of the cinema.

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4. ‘Always’, Bon JoviWhat would a romantic playlist be without Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’? What this rock band didn’t know is that it would become one of the most popular songs of their career. And the story behind this song is a curious one. It was composed for the feature film ‘Romeo is bleeding’, in 1993. However, the film was not very successful and Bon Jovi considered that the best option was to leave it aside. Later, a friend of the artist found it and listened to it. He liked it so much that he told him he should include it on the album ‘Cross Road’. Thank goodness they listened to him!

Romantic music in English

Although none of the four singer-songwriters, whose songs we have gathered in this work, liked the labels “protest singer” or “protest song”-because they considered them too limiting-it must be recognized that the denunciation in their songs was always a motive for attention, both from admirers and detractors of their art.      This was acknowledged by Víctor Jara, in an interview about the Nueva Canción Chilena, which he gave to a reporter in Cuba in 1972:

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We said an unspoken truth in the songs, we denounced misery and the causes of misery, we told the peasant that the land should be his, we spoke, in short, of injustice and exploitation. As all the media were managed by the right wing, they called us “politicians” to avoid giving us a place in them. In the creation of this type of songs, Violeta Parra’s presence is like a star that will never go out.

Music for varied listening

Once the production of the album was finished, Paulina Rubio signed a contract with the EMI Capitol record label in Mexico in June 1992, and in that same month the song “La Chica Dorada” was sent to several radio broadcasts as a limited promotional single.

As a result of her wardrobe, she was compared to the style of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna,[20][21] especially for her musical style and aesthetics, which at the time consisted of gold-colored costumes, heavy makeup, the iconic mole near the cheek and blonde or platinum-colored hair.

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The Mexican, Colombian and Venezuelan editions include the original cover,[46][47] while in the Ecuadorian edition the cover photograph is superimposed on a black background and the logo of “La Chica Dorada” on the top and bottom.[48] In the Guatemalan edition the space of the black background was divided between the cover photograph (on the right side) and one of the interior photographs (on the left side).[49]

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